This web site is about so much more than just cutting and pasting work done by other people.

Once again this week, BikesportNZ.com has given you plenty of exclusive, fresh and original content on-line, as well as saturating the mainstream print media with motorcycling news.

Unlike so many other sites, we don’t just half-wittedly cut and paste other people’s words and pictures from PR items, brainlessly re-broadcasting the same content that is sent out to every address in some PR company’s address book.

If we occasionally do resort to using supplied material, we typically do go to the trouble of cleaning it up, editing it, turning it into English and possibly even expanding on it, digging just a little deeper to find additional information of relevance to our Kiwi readers.

As well as posting a huge chunk of home-grown material on this site, every single week, BikesportNZ.com breaks through the invisible barrier to give the motorcycling community – be it fans of motocross, supercross, enduro, cross-country racing, trials riding or superbikes – wicked widespread coverage in the nation’s mainstream media.

We have managed to push motorcycle sport into the mass media forefront, often ahead of the “traditional” Kiwi sports such as rugby, cricket and netball.

Here we give you an insight into what the crew at BikesportNZ.com are doing to give positive profile and nationwide exposure to the sport of motorcycle racing.

And it’s something we could do for you, your race team and for your company too.

We know that press releases go out from the various teams racing in Europe, Australia and the United States, and many web sites are littered with this free and easy content, but BikesportNZ.com gives you mostly Kiwi substance … and we don’t just cut and paste what is supplied to us by the race teams, much of it of only limited relevance to a Kiwi audience anyway.

We have our own professional journalists and photographers working for us in many parts of the country and have journalist and photographer friends overseas as well.

On this site we give you fresh, vibrant, relevant and very often exclusive content, much of which does, interestingly, end up being published in many daily newspapers and then also displayed on mainstream media web sites such as those operated by the New Zealand Herald, Christchurch Press, Waikato Times, Manawatu Evening Standard, Taranaki Daily News, Gisborne Herald, Rotorua Daily Post, Otago Daily Times or The Southland Times, for example, and also on the sites of lesser publications such as the Taupo Times, The Westport News, Kapiti Observer or the Waitomo News, just to name a few.

Dozens of newspapers publish our stories each week and here is just a small sampling of some of our recent work to feature in the mainstream media …








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